In recent years, Vietnam's economy has been experiencing significant growth, accompanied by a demand for technological solutions to support the logistics industry – one of the fundamental sectors of the country's economy. Digital transformation is the key that opens up opportunities for growth and new avenues for commerce because, by embracing digital solutions, businesses can more easily integrate with international customers and partners. 

Connexion Vietnam

With over 20 years of experience deploying productivity-enhancing solutions for businesses in Asia, Connexion Vietnam has developed solutions e-wallet with the goal of redefining fuel expense control methods, reducing costs, and optimizing fleet management operations.

Dibee e-wallet a product of Connexion Vietnam Limited Liability Company, designed for businesses to manage payments related to their fleet operations, such as fuel costs, tolls, maintenance, and repairs.

In addition, Dibee also assists businesses in managing their financial records rigorously and transparently. It is a platform that helps businesses build a reputable financial profile, laying the groundwork for accessing funding to expand their business scale.

Requirements of Connextion Vietnam to upgrade infrastructure

According to prediction, by 2025, the general trend of digital transformation, and specifically digital payment solutions, will continue to develop and expand from urban to rural areas. Therefore, improving the application management system remains one of the top priorities for Connexion Vietnam in 2022.

In 2022, Dibee continues to implement platform-oriented digital transformation projects, such as the Dibee payment solution. This solution is expected to be developed using microservices architecture, deployed using Kubernetes. In addition, Connexion Vietnam has deployed a disaster recovery system for another application on AWS, utilizing Direct Connect for connectivity from the Data Center to AWS.

To meet the expansion needs of the system, Connexion Vietnam aims to build a multi-account system on AWS, integrating the existing Direct Connect channel with the backend environment, along with advanced security solutions for the system.

Solutions for System Expansion on AWS Cloud

Rapid and Seamless Infrastructure Expansion

In technology, speed is one of the most crucial factors. Faced with the challenge of scaling rapidly to meet the business's development pace, Connexion Vietnam has decided to partner with CMC Telecom in constructing the architecture for the Dibee mobile app payment solution.

The solution's architecture team, along with experts from AWS and CMC Telecom, collaborated closely with Connexion Vietnam's technical team to plan and build the backend architecture for the Dibee mobile app payment solution within one month, adhering to the project timeline.

Continuously optimizing information technology infrastructure

CMC Telecom utilizes the AWS Landing Zone solution as a starting point for establishing and deploying Connexion's multi-account system on AWS safely, standardized, rapidly, and sustainably.  

This solution helps Connexion Vietnam save resources and expedite the deployment timeline, as Landing Zone can automate the creation of environments to handle tasks, ensuring standards for security and operations.

Landing Zone Architecture by Connexion Vietnam comprises 5 account groups:

Management Account: Supports account management, creating new accounts, managing configurations, and access rights within Landing Zone.

(2) Audit Account: Supports security checks or enforcement activities, configuring security tools.

(3) Log Archive Account: Reserved for storing and presenting system activities.

(4) Production/Mobile Backend Account: Storage for the application's backend.

(5) Non-production Account: Testing environment (UAT) for the application.

The Dibee payment system utilizes the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) version instead of traditional physical servers.

During the deployment process, the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is employed to automate the coordination and provision of the information technology infrastructure. This service supports the management and operation of Kubernetes on AWS, while also detecting and replacing faulty worker nodes to enhance system availability.

To facilitate the deployment of workloads, CMC Telecom utilized Amazon EKS Blueprints. This tool is employed to:

  • Manage cluster configurations, integrate additional utilities into the EKS cluster.
  • Deploy EKS clusters with an optimized architecture in any AWS account and region.
  • Create continuous delivery pipelines responsible for deploying infrastructure.
  • Leverage GitOps-based workflows to manage workloads for team collaboration.

Additionally, the challenge of reducing latency in accessing information was addressed by employing the ElastiCache service with data caching capabilities, enhancing system efficiency.

The multi-Availability Zone (AZ) resilient architecture prevents service interruptions, ensuring system availability across multiple zones

With the goal of enhancing the availability of the Dibee payment application, the system architecture is deployed in the AWS Multi-Availability Zone with the main AWS Cloud region located in Singapore.

This architecture has created a system with high operational resilience. In the event of an issue in one AZ, other backup AZs ensure the normal operation of the system.

Deploying the Multi-AZ architecture helps improve the system's readiness to over 99%, ensuring the best availability during the expansion of Dibee's business scale.


  • Built and deployed the payment application system within 1 month
  • Received enthusiastic support from the expert teams of AWS and CMC Telecom
  • Enhanced the system's experience with a readiness level of over 99%
  • Improved reliability by migrating and modernizing the architecture
  • Automated scalability to save technical resources for more complex tasks
  • Ensured high-level security for customer data

With the robust support of cloud computing technology, Connexion Vietnam will continue its digital transformation journey, meeting the changing market demands and delivering new value to its customers, with a focus on enhancing customer experience.