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Cloud Managed Service

CMC Telecom commits to operating Cloud stable activities and focusing on business development

Managed Service Trending

In the age of digital transformation, Cloud managed services are becoming increasingly important.

Businesses require expertise to manage, secure, and optimize Cloud computing systems for daily operations:

  • Manage IT infrastructure
  • Monitor platform systems
  • Ensure information security
  • Handle the requirements of departments


CMC Telecom's Managed Service ensures stable operations and optimizes the system.

Our monitoring, security, and optimization services give you the freedom to focus on business development rather than technology infrastructure.

What is MSP?

Managed Service Provider (MSP) are providers of infrastructure and IT systems management services on behalf of clients.

CMC Telecom is a Cloud MSP. CMC Telecom are providing operation, maintenance, security, monitoring, reporting... for the IT system, ensuring compliance with predefined SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

What types of businesses should apply MSP?

Small and Midsize Enterprises with IT small size can apply MSP to finish daily tasks.

Large Enterprises looking for solutions to save time with the aim of focusing on business developments can use MSP to optimize the management and security of IT infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Service
by CMC Telecom

We can help businesses better manage resources and ensure smooth operations through our expertise in the design, deployment, and operation of AWS Cloud systems.

CMC Telecom can help your business