Achieving Amazon EKS Service Delivery not only demonstrates the high commitment and expertise of CMC Telecom in the cloud computing technology field but also affirms professionalism in designing, deploying, and managing Container and Kubernetes solutions for customers on AWS.

Thus, Amazon EKS is a crucial service that simplifies the management and automation of Containers provided by AWS with high stability and scalability. Meanwhile, Containers and Kubernetes are essential technologies for providing flexibility and reliability to Cloud applications.

With the trend of Microservices model, Kubernetes has become an ideal environment for managing, scaling and enhancing security for applications. Microservices architecture plays a crucial role in improving the scalability and quick recovery of applications, especially when deployed on a powerful cloud platform like AWS.

Built on Amazon EKSbusinesses can easily and efficiently deploy and manage applications on AWS, reducing the burden of managing system infrastructure and focusing on application development.

Amazon EKS Service Delivery is recognition from AWS for partners who meet the standards in operating, deploying, and optimizing Amazon EKS. This clearly demonstrates CMC Telecom's ability to provide professional services, enhancing value and efficiency for customers on their journey to the AWS cloud.

"Attaining this certification is a significant step forward as it affirms the specialized capabilities of the CMC Telecom engineering team in project design and deployment. This recognition also underscores CMC Telecom's commitment to providing effective cloud solutions, particularly in applying rapidly evolving technologies like Kubernetes to Microservices architecture systems"., ông Mr. Dang Tung Son – D.CEO/Director of Business and Marketing, CMC Telecom stated.

Besides our team of experts with experience in MicroServices Architecture (MSA), DevOps, and Containers, CMC Telecom also provides packaged solutions like EKS Blueprints. These solutions help customers deploy EKS clusters according to standards and scale as needed. For businesses facing challenges in cluster cost management, upgrading clusters to the latest version, and more, they can find peace of mind in using Clouder Kubernetes Service Clouder Kubernetes Service from CMC Telecom.

The Amazon EKS Service Delivery certification marks a significant milestone in the development journey and affirms the reputation of CMC Telecom in the cloud computing technology sector in the Vietnam and regional markets. CMC Telecom continues to enhance service quality, always placing customers at the center of every decision and action. We are committed to ongoing development and delivering innovative solutions to meet the increasing demands for application management and cloud infrastructure optimization.

"With a team of experienced engineers and experts, coupled with support from AWS partners, we will continue to accompany businesses in achieving flexibility, safety, and efficiency throughout their digital transformation and application development on the AWS platform. We believe that the combination of CMC Telecom's professionalism and the strength of AWS will help businesses elevate their business models, and we are excited to support them on this journey", the representative of CMC Telecom shared.