AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that facilitates centralized and automated data backup across AWS cloud services and on-premises. The introduction of this new feature makes it easy for users to configure, monitor, and manage notifications related to AWS Backup in a centralized manner.

The MultiCloud expert at CMC Telecom, Advanced Tier Service Partner of AWS in Vietnam, shared: "AWS User Notifications is an AWS service that allows users to centrally manage AWS settings and notifications. Additionally, this service helps users filter notifications in their accounts by service, aggregate multiple events into a detailed notification, and provide links to relevant resource pages."

With this new version, users can monitor the progress of their backup, copy, and restore tasks from their notification center. This simplifies notification management, allowing users to interact more quickly with their work tasks. Now, businesses can consolidate their AWS Backup notifications, including Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EventBridge alerts, as well as AWS Support case updates. Furthermore, businesses can set up multiple delivery channels, such as email, AWS Chatbot chat notifications, or AWS Console Mobile App push notifications, to receive their AWS Backup notifications.

According to the expert at CMC Telecom, this new feature is available in the following regions: East US (North Virginia, Ohio); West US (North California, Oregon); Africa (Cape Town); Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo); Canada (Central); Europe (Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich); Middle East (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates); and South America (São Paulo).

Currently, CMC Telecom is a Advanced Tier Service Partner of AWS in Vietnam. This business has been collaborating with AWS to provide a range of services and solutions related to the AWS Cloud for organizations in the financial, banking, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. In August, CMC Telecom was certified as an AWS Migration Competency partner.