About VTVgo

VTVgo is a media product of the Vietnam Television, allowing millions of viewers to watch live broadcasts of various media content and events, as well as access recorded content anytime, anywhere. VTVgo provides the largest licensed media content repository across various fields such as movies, economics, news, entertainment, sports, etc.


  • The journey to the Cloud for VTV Go involves migrating their services to Amazon Web Service (AWS).
  • Their biggest desire is to introduce their media content to the audience and provide the best possible experience with the highest quality. To achieve this goal, they need a scalable infrastructure, and security is also a serious concern that needs to be addressed.
For these reasons, they intend to expand their data center to AWS, the cloud service provider that has been at the forefront for 10 consecutive years with global security and infrastructure compliant with most strict security compliance certifications.


Why is AWS?
Why did the customer choose to use AWS as the cloud platform for their solution?
Modernize legacy systems to improve agility and scalability.
Access private, stable, and reliable connections from the website to AWS.
Why did the customer choose CMC Telecom?
CMC Telecom is one of the partners in Vietnam with direct connections
to AWS.
CMC Telecom has 4 undersea cables (IA, APG, SJC, Agrid) for accessing AWS and ensuring redundancy.
CMC Telecom has a resilient network infrastructure and a team of professional operators dedicated to direct connections to AWS.


  • Connecting Amazon Direct Connect (DX) storage through us – CMC Telecom – a regional partner. It allows customers to have stable and low-latency connections from local to AWS.
  • In addition, the Amazon Virtual Private Network (AWS VPN) on DX provides customers with data security assurance.
    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables customers to run AWS resources in a virtual network they have defined. This virtual network is similar to a traditional network operating in their own data center, with the benefits of using AWS's scalable infrastructure.
  • EC2 for SAP HANA storage provides customers with an experience similar to running on their own data center.
  • Amazon Application Load Balancer (ALB) balances external and internal requests.
  • Amazon Aurora Database meets the high-performance needs of customers, alongside using multiple replicas to scale read requests. Amazon Aurora performs better in terms of performance and scalability.
  • Amazon ElastiCache for Redis reduces workload on Aurora and improves latency for repetitive requests.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) serves as a storage option for the deployed application package for EC2 and other data, both structured and unstructured, serving VTVGO's media services.
  • Amazon DynamoDB, for storing schema-less data used by the application, is the solution for NoSQL database, providing low latency and consistent performance at any scale of data volume.
  • Amazon DynamoDB, for storing schema-less data used by the application, is the solution for a NoSQL database, providing low latency and consistent performance at any scale of data volume.
  • Amazon API Gateway acts as a front end for accessing the application, helping display HTTP/HTTPS resources in Amazon VPC for requests outside VPC. Amazon API Gateway is integrated with the AWS Application Load Balancer in APIHTTP to route access traffic to EC2 groups based on path content.
  • Amazon Route 53 is a DNS solution for routing access traffic to Amazon API Gateway.
  • AWS Developer Tools CodeDeploy is a managed deployment service used to deploy artifacts from S3 to servers. Customers launch and monitor the deployment status of their application with detailed reports for each deployment.
  • Other AWS services are integrated into this solution to meet customer requirements for security, management, and monitoring, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon CloudWatch.


  • Cost savings on infrastructure and ensuring the security of the database at the data center.
  • Optimized access time to AWS services.
  • Reduced operating costs and equipment depreciation costs.