Overview of U2U Network

U2U Network is one of the pioneering technology companies in building decentralized networks designed on Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) technology, which is more advanced than the traditional blockchain model and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. With the rigor in decentralization and efficient transaction processing, the DAG model is considered a potential model for high-performance cryptocurrencies. Utilizing the improved Helios consensus mechanism and specializing in providing robust infrastructure, U2U Network focuses on Modular Layer-1 networks and the DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) ecosystem.  

In the context of the global Blockchain market becoming vibrant again, the keyword DePIN has quickly gained significant attention from the tech community. DePIN leverages Blockchain technology to manage and control physical infrastructure such as transportation networks, energy, Internet bandwidth, and data storage. DePIN improves infrastructure building by reducing costs through enhanced scalability and increased security via a decentralized model. This model enables more efficient and equitable resource distribution, empowering individuals to directly participate in the development and maintenance of infrastructure. 

The focal point of U2U Network's strategy is to build a comprehensive and compatible ecosystem for DePIN applications, with the core being Web3 DNS (Web3 Domain Name System).  

In this ecosystem, U2U Network is focusing on several key components to enhance the structure and functionality of the decentralized internet. Noteworthy among these is the ongoing improvement of Web3 services by developing a Name Service that provides decentralized domain names for querying on the Web3 platform. This is complemented by the Decentralized Identity system, managing identity and KYC processes, enhancing security and trust. Additionally, the U2U File Storage system supports storing these websites and managing data, while U2U Generative AI utilizes network data to train AI models. Integrated with Big Data Mining, these technologies form a robust ecosystem for developing AI and IoT applications within DePIN. 

Furthermore, with the vision of becoming a leading technology solution provider, U2U Network continuously innovates and delivers advanced products to the market. The U2U ecosystem comprises over 80 diverse decentralized applications (dApps) serving various sectors. Prominent products in this ecosystem include U2DPN, U2U Super App, X721 Marketplace, GroFi Dex, U2Staking, Memetaverse, and Ermis Network... with the goal of providing a robust and flexible platform for developers and users. 


With this direction, U2U commits to provide advanced technological products and build a comprehensive technology ecosystem, empowering Web3 startup projects to thrive and excel in the market.  

U2U has outlined a detailed plan to build and deploy a stable, scalable, and highly secure infrastructure to serve millions of customers worldwide and drive its billion-dollar startup projects. Additionally, U2U aims to optimize infrastructure management and monitoring, minimizing administrative tasks such as upgrades, while ensuring a secure infrastructure environment for the decentralized network system. 

After a thorough process of research and exploration, U2U has decided to choose AWS, one of the world's leading cloud service providers with robust infrastructure and advanced technology, as the platform to develop the system, aiming to deliver the best experience for users.  

U2U trusts the choice and partnership with CMC Telecom. 

To implement their digital transformation project on AWS, U2U trusts in selecting CMC Telecom. as a collaborative partner to jointly migrate infrastructure and decentralized applications. This decision was made by U2U after a meticulous evaluation process and trust in CMC Telecom's ability to meet the project's specific requirements and standards for partners.  

CMC Telecom proceeds with the deployment of AWS solutions for U2U. 

As soon as receiving the request from U2U at the end of November 2023, the technical team at CMC Telecom promptly conducted a survey and assessment of the current U2U Network system. Following the survey and assessment process, U2U, together with CMC Telecom, devised a comprehensive migration strategy, adhering to AWS best practices. To kickstart the project, CMC Telecom first established a secure cloud environment, ensuring compliance with the scalability requirements of the U2U blockchain system with CMC SecureZone. This is a solution researched and developed by CMC Telecom in collaboration with AWS, aimed at providing a secure and compliant 'buffer zone' for the migration to the AWS Cloud. This solution assists clients in meeting the standards and regulations of CIS (Center for Internet Security)... right from the initial stages of the migration process.  

Next, U2U and CMC Telecom proceeded with the deployment each component of the system on AWS with the services network infrastructure (Amazon VPC), firewall (AWS WAF), VPN connection (AWS VPN), routing, decentralized network nodes (Decentralized Node), and Amazon EC2 in the system. chuỗi khối U2Umonitoring system (Amazon CloudWatch), tracking, alerts, and backup (AWS CloudTrail).  

By leveraging AWS infrastructure and services, U2U's system has been integrated with unlimited scalability capabilities, and network acceleration with AWS Global Accelerator, while also being fortified against internet threats through AWS WAF and Amazon Route 53 services.

The impressive outcomes post-deployment are reflected in the numbers. 

After 3 months of deployment, the project was completed. U2U and CMC Telecom jointly monitored the system's activities post-migration, synchronizing data with the existing system. Starting from the end of November 2023 until the end of February 2024, the migration process brought about significant improvements, enhancing U2U's system stability and performance, providing a better user experience."

Reduced latency: System latency decreased to under 100 ms from the initial 270 ms. This helped U2U enhance user experience, accelerate transaction processing, and reduce waiting time." 

Improved readiness: The system's readiness increased from 98.5% to 99.99%, ensuring the system is always available to serve users, minimizing disruptions, and enhancing reliability. 

Cost optimization: Estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) decreased by 23% over 5 years, with monthly operational maintenance costs reduced by 40%. This helped U2U optimize its budget and focus resources on product development. 

Impressed by the performance improvements and cost optimization, as well as the professional work style of CMC Telecom, U2U expresses great expectations and continues to trust in partnering with CMC Telecom to support the migration and modernization of the U2DPN system on AWS. As of May 2024, the project has completed 80% of the infrastructure, promising a bright future for the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem ahead. 

The deployment solution on AWS has helped stabilize and strengthen U2U's ecosystem. This collaboration demonstrates that leveraging advanced cloud technology can bring significant performance improvements and cost efficiency while paving the way for technological innovations within the U2U ecosystem. 

Through collaboration with CMC Telecom, U2U has not only achieved its goal of upgrading the current system but also set the stage for a digital future with modern, flexible, and secure cloud infrastructure. This is a significant step forward, enabling U2U to quickly realize its business objectives and assert its leadership position in the blockchain technology field.