SHB collaborates with CMC Telecom to migrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform.

This migration helps SHB to better serve customers, enhance customer data protection, and optimize its costs. 

Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank was established on November 13, 1993, and has nearly 30 years of development in the field of personal and corporate finance. Currently, SHB has over 9,500 employees, 532 transaction points domestically and internationally, serving more than 5 million individual and business customers, and connecting with 500 correspondent banks worldwide. 

With an expanding workforce and a growing customer base, optimizing business processes is crucial for SHB. To achieve future plans and business objectives efficiently, SHB needs to enhance its digital transformation strategy. Simultaneously, this approach enables SHB to maintain a competitive edge in the banking sector. 

CMC Telecom a leading Telecommunications and Information Technology enterprise, is recognized for its professionalism and excellence in infrastructure and network connectivity. The company has built a robust and reliable network capable of meeting high-bandwidth requirements and connectivity needs in an increasingly complex business environment.

Furthermore, CMC Telecom has several years of successful experience in deploying cloud computing projects. This means that CMC Telecom understands the challenges and requirements of transitioning systems and applications to the cloud environment. They possess effective and reliable solutions to ensure a smooth and successful deployment process.

SHB has chosen CMC Telecom as its trusted partner

With a combination of specialized knowledge, practical experience, and a commitment to best meet customer needs, CMC Telecom is the ideal partner for SHB to choose for migrating their CRM system using SAP to the AWS Cloud . Therefore, to AWS Cloud, SHB has selected CMC Telecom as a partner to address current needs and challenges. By migrating the SAP CRM system to the AWS cloud platform, SHB can leverage the benefits of this cloud environment, such as high reliability, flexible scalability, data security, and the ability to integrate with other advanced technologies.

Currently, CMC Telecom is a Advanced tier service partner of AWS in Vietnam, known for deploying Multi-Cloud solutions on top global cloud platforms. Consequently, CMC Telecom has provided consultation and devised a plan to migrate SHB's SAP CRM system to the AWS Cloud.

During the implementation process CMC Telecom designed and deployed Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic File System (EFS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Virtual Private Gateway, AWS Backup, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM), and AWS Simple Notification Service (AWS SNS). These services ensure flexibility, safety, and efficiency in storing, protecting, and managing SHB's data on the AWS Cloud.

Initially, CMC Telecom conducted a survey, assessed the infrastructure requirements of SHB's SAP CRM, and prepared a detailed data migration plan. To ensure a successful migration, CMC Telecom built a secure and compliant infrastructure on the AWS Cloud to run the SAP CRM system when data was available. Using Amazon S3, AWS Direct Connect, and AWS Site-to-Site VPN services, the CMC Telecom team safely migrated and stored data from SHB's infrastructure to the AWS Cloud without disrupting the bank's daily operations. Next, CMC Telecom initiated the SAP CRM system with data stored in Amazon S3. After a successful deployment and system operation, CMC Telecom's experts monitored and tracked the system to ensure stable and secure operation according to the design.

After completing the deployment, SHB tested and operated its SAP CRM system on the AWS Cloud. The system was assessed to have no issues and operated smoothly and stably.

Exceeding Success Targets

With a professional and strategic action plan, CMC Telecom successfully deployed the SAP CRM migration project for SHB to the AWS Cloud, delivering results that exceeded expectations. 

The expert team used AWS Direct Connect provided by CMC Telecom to ensure security, speed, and stability for data transmission between the SAP system on the AWS Cloud and SHB's on-premise environments. Thus, customer-sensitive information was securely protected while data transmission occurred quickly and reliably.

Moreover, the CMC Telecom team collaborated across network infrastructure, solutions, and deployment departments, putting in continuous effort and work to ensure a seamless and continuous migration process. The expert team was ready to handle any issues that arose, ensuring that the migration plan was executed on schedule. 

Thanks to AWS cloud solutions and professional support from CMC Telecom, SHB saved resources in deployment, management, and operation. This not only significantly reduced costs for SHB but also optimized resources, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Overall, adopting AWS for the SAP CRM system resulted in significant cost savings. After migrating SAP CRM to the AWS Cloud, all costs, including building, expanding, and operating the system for about 5 years, could be reduced by 41% compared to the total operating cost on-premises. The AWS infrastructure can easily scale according to SHB's actual needs. 

Furthermore, SHB can ensure the uptime of the SAP CRM system by using AWS technologies and services that guarantee high availability, performance monitoring, security, and backup. These features help ensure that SHB's SAP CRM system operates steadily and continuously, providing a good experience for users and minimizing the risk of service disruptions.

Additionally, the use AWS Backint Agent of the AWS Backint Agent tool allows for easy data recovery and storing backups on S3 at a low cost with high durability. This helps ensure the integrity and availability of SHB's critical data. 

Finally, the flexible scalability of EC2 servers on the AWS cloud allows SHB to scale resources up or down based on actual needs. Therefore, SHB can optimize its resources while still meeting business objectives. Do đó, SHB có thể tối ưu tối đa nguồn lực của mình mà vẫn đảm bảo các mục tiêu kinh doanh. 

SHB trusts in choosing CMC Telecom as a companion in migrating to the AWS Cloud

AWS has been a long-term partner of SAP, certified by SAP since 2008. AWS server systems have been certified by SAP to efficiently run SAP applications on this platform. Meanwhile, CMC Telecom holds the position of a Advanced Tier Service Partner of AWS in Vietnam and has closely collaborated with AWS through various promotion programs, certified with Migration Competency capabilities. This is why, CMC Telecom is committed to providing innovative solutions, addressing technical challenges, and creating value for SHB.

CMC Telecom - AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner - Migration Competency Designation - SHB CRM Migration

The migration of SHB's SAP CRM to the AWS Cloud through collaboration with CMC Telecom has brought numerous benefits and improvements to the bank, ranging from upgrading the SAP CRM system to optimizing its investment resources.