In 2017, the National Australia Bank (NAB), the largest business bank in Australia. NAB began accelerating its cloud journey. AWS Managed Services and AWS Managed Services (AMS) played a significant role in this journey, helping kickstart NAB's digital transformation.    

AMS assists organizations in realizing cloud value faster as they undergo digital transformation. Initially, NAB was still building proficiency in its in-house cloud skills. AMS helped bridge that skill gap and swiftly provided an AWS Landing Zone —an environment ready for secure production migration. "AWS Managed Services helped us create the AWS Landing Zone, where we could migrate applications on a large scale. We didn't have to spend months, possibly even years, to create that ourselves," said Steve Day, Executive General Manager for Infrastructure, Cloud, and Workplace at NAB.

Making progress in digital transformation while building cloud skills

For NAB's initial migration process involving 30 applications, AMS monitored all essential infrastructure operations tasks required to run AWS at scale. This included security, compliance, provisioning, availability, patching, monitoring, alerting, change reporting, incident response, and cost optimization.

During the migration process, AMS took full operational responsibility for the AWS environment until the organization's internal teams were ready to take over. AMS extensions were done on a monthly basis, allowing NAB to use the service only as needed. By implementing best practices for maintaining infrastructure, AMS reduced both operating costs and risks for NAB. Instead of focusing on infrastructure operations, the bank could allocate time and resources to enhance employee skills and develop business strategies.

Day stated: "As we started and upskilled our workforce, we shifted our applications to AWS Managed Services. The team ran those applications for us, enabling us to migrate on a large scale from the outset, and helping us build our in-house cloud skills."