With the continuous growth of e-commerce, the demand for warehouse services is increasing. T&C Logistics, one of the leading providers of warehouse services for e-commerce giants such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki, has realized that transitioning their system to the cloud is a necessary step to enhance stability, flexibility, and effectively meet the growing demands of the market.

Therefore, T&C Logistics aims to quickly migrate its on-premise warehouse management system to the cloud to reduce operational burdens, enable rapid deployment, increase stability, leverage flexible auto-scaling capabilities, and address challenges related to cost optimization, security, and application performance improvement.

Facing this demand, T&C Logistics turned to the solution offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with consultation, deployment, and support from CMC Telecom. In this collaboration, CMC Telecom, with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of AWS in general and Amazon EKS in particular, supported T&C Logistics in smoothly and effectively transitioning its warehouse management application to the cloud.

The project involves migrating the entire microservices application deployed on Kubernetes from an on-premise environment to AWS. T&C Logistics' requirements include ensuring the cloud-based warehouse management application's security, readiness, cost optimization, and performance, with the flexibility to scale seamlessly. Additionally, the migration from on-premise to AWS should be simple and not alter the system architecture.

Solution to handle?

With the given requirements, CMC Telecom and T&C Logistics have collectively chosen the migration strategy of Re-host and Re-platform. This model not only facilitates a quick transition from the On-premises environment to the AWS environment but also preserves the architecture of the system.

Through numerous projects, CMC Telecom has developed a set of automated deployment templates using the Amazon EKS Blueprint. This is an Infrastructure as Code solution that combines Terraform and best practices in Amazon EKS to automate infrastructure deployment on AWS, including EKS cluster deployment and various add-ons such as Prometheus, Karpenter, Nginx, Traefik, AWS Load Balancer Controller, Fluent Bit, Keda, and Argo CD. Alongside this, CMC Telecom also advised T&C Logistics to leverage managed services provided by AWS, such as Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon MQ, AWS WAF, and AWS Elastic Load Balancer. These services offer powerful features to enhance the application's performance, scalability, and security.

Implementing in detail

  • Utilizing CloudWatch for comprehensive system monitoring.
  • Deploying the Kubernetes control plane with the Amazon EKS solution to manage auto-scaling and high-availability for containers.
  • Using Application Load Balancer to balance application traffic and integrating WAF to enhance system security against external attacks.
  • Implementing PostgreSQL database with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL in Multi-AZ DB model providing redundancy and automatic backups, data synchronization.
  • Leveraging Amazon ElastiCache for data caching between the database and the application.
  • AmazonMQ làm message broker
  • Deploying MongoDB Atlas on AWS, on a separate VPC, connected to the application's VPC through VPC peering.
  • S3 bucket for object storage.

With this solution, we have assisted T&C Logistics in maximizing the use of AWS services, enabling them to quickly migrate their applications to AWS while ensuring the specified goals are met, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Management of IT infrastructure

CMC Telecom utilizes Terraform to manage system resources and GitLab CI/CD for automating the deployment process. This model allows for quick and easy updates to the system configuration, minimizing risks associated with manual execution and facilitating efficient change management.

All infrastructure configuration changes are managed through Terraform and stored in the GitLab repository. GitLab CI/CD automatically deploys these changes whenever there is a new commit. This ensures system consistency and transparency, as well as reduces the likelihood of errors.

To optimize management, CMC Telecom recommends T&C Logistics to store Terraform code in sub-directories and different branches corresponding to different environments such as Production, Test, and Development. This helps manage infrastructure configuration versions and test changes more flexibly before deploying them into the Production environment.

Backup Plan

CMC Telecom has proposed an effective backup and recovery solution based on AWS's disaster resilience and high availability capabilities. By snapshotting RDS PostgreSQL EBS volumes hourly and storing them on S3, T&C Logistics can quickly restore data when needed.

Conclusion and Achieved Benefits

After a collaborative effort, CMC Telecom has successfully assisted T&C Logistics in migrating their entire warehouse management application to AWS. Particularly, applying AWS-managed solutions such as Amazon EKS has facilitated the easy deployment and management of containerized applications for T&C Logistics. Additionally, combining these services with AWS-managed services has enhanced the application's performance, scalability, and security.

In conclusion, the integration of the mentioned solutions has allowed T&C Logistics to quickly deploy its applications on AWS, leveraging features such as flexible auto-scaling, high redundancy, security, cost optimization, and application performance. This has provided T&C Logistics with a significant advantage to expand and grow its business.

CMC Telecom takes pride in assisting T&C Logistics in their infrastructure migration to AWS and is committed to continually updating and providing new technologies to meet the diverse needs of customers in the future.