About VNPost

This is the Vietnam Post Corporation, a member of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). VN Post currently has a charter capital of up to 8.122 trillion VND with a massive workforce across its network of over 70,000 people, including collaborators and agents.


Spam – A Challenging Issue for the Postal Giant VN Post

VN Post is one of the largest courier services nationwide, constantly engaging in the exchange of information with customers on a daily basis. Email is one of the mediums used to send delivery updates to customers. However, the current email system faced limitations in sending large volumes due to spam policy restrictions. Additionally, many customer email servers filtered VN Post emails into the Spam folder. Consequently, VN Post encountered difficulties in delivering information to customers via email.
“We need to find a provider of email proxy to handle the capability of sending emails to thousands of customers daily, and the emails must land in the customer's inbox.”
Every problem has a solution
With more than 8,000 emails sent per day, VN Post posed the challenge of finding the most suitable and cost-effective email marketing tool. Numerous providers offered different options for VN Post. After a thorough understanding of the customer's system status, CMC Telecom provided a comparison of the pros and cons between two leading email services provided by Google and AWS.
With the AWS SES email marketing solution, customers can send an unlimited number of emails daily to their customers. AWS guarantees that emails are delivered 100% to the customer's inbox. Recognizing superior capabilities such as cost-effectiveness, fast delivery, and effective spam filtering, VN Post chose Amazon SES.


Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible email service that can scale according to needs, allowing developers to send emails from any application. You can quickly configure Amazon SES to support various email use cases, including broad email communication, marketing, or transactions.
Amazon SES's flexible email authentication options and IP deployment enhance delivery capability and protect the sender's reputation. Email sending analytics measure the impact of each email. With Amazon SES, you can securely send emails globally on a large scale.
Deployment model in the image. 

How AWS SES Prevents Emails from Going to Spam

1. Quick Integration
Using the Amazon SES dashboard, API, or SMTP, businesses can configure email sending within minutes. Amazon SES also supports email receiving, allowing businesses to interact with customers on a large scale. Regardless of the use case and sending volume, businesses only pay for what they use in Amazon SES.
2.Optimization and Email Sending Capability
Utilizing the reputable dashboard, including detailed information on performance and anti-spam feedback, optimizes the sending capability. Businesses have flexible deployment options, from shared IP, dedicated IP to customer-owned, impacting sender reputation. Amazon SES collaborates with experts such as M3AAWG to enhance sending capability to customers through industry best practices.
3. Secure Scale
Amazon SES authentication options, such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), confirm the sending authority on behalf of the business rather than their domain. Support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enhances security for email sending from any application. Amazon SES is globally available, qualifies for HIPAA, complies regionally (C5, IRAP), and has global certifications (Fed-Ramp, ISO, GDPR).
4. Efficient Email Sending
Email sending statistics, including the number of sent emails, bounce rates, and feedback loop results, help measure the effectiveness of each email communication activity. Additional detailed information, such as email open rates or click-through rates, measures the level of customer interaction during the email communication process for businesses.

The results 

According to the head of the AWS expert team from CMC Telecom: "Before transitioning to Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), VN Post had to maintain an in-house solution for sending emails. This in-house solution incurred separate operating costs, including running dedicated servers with email sending software and optimizing email sending methods for each Internet service provider. Through consultation with CMC Telecom, the customer evaluated and decided to choose Amazon SES because it is flexible, cost-effective, highly scalable, has a global reach, and promises excellent sending capabilities. Through the combination of providing a dedicated IP for SES and several internally deployed strategies by VN Post, after transitioning to Amazon SES, the customer could streamline operations, improve inbox placement, and enhance the sender's email reputation."