About Annalise.AI

Annalise.AI is one of the artificial intelligence (AI) application companies in the medical field, aiming to assist doctors in diagnosing 'AI-enhanced chest X-rays.' In this regard, Annalise.AI will utilize data from millions of image results that have been reviewed by specialized doctors worldwide, analyzing them using AI technology to provide diagnostic results with higher accuracy.

Why did Annalise.AI choose DX service at CMC Telecom?

With extensive experience in DX deployment with large enterprises and in Vietnam, CMC Telecom, as a strategic partner of AWS, is one of the advantages that instills confidence in Annalise.AI's choice. Particularly, with the requirement for rapid deployment to meet continuous business needs, CMC Telecom becomes a reliable choice with a high-level technical team, international certifications, and the ability to promptly support various requirements.

Additionally, CMC Telecom's DX service has provided customers with alternative solutions to simultaneously address cost and customer experience challenges. One such solution involves migrating AWS cloud infrastructure from Australia to Singapore, reducing the transmission distance and providing a better connection quality. 

DX – Safe and Cost-Effective International Cloud Connection Solution

DX is part of the CloudExpress solution, provided by CMC Telecom, offering a solution for secure and high-performance network connectivity between data centers and the infrastructure of AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and IBM.

For customers using AWS cloud services like Annalise.AI, using traditional transmission channels poses challenges of high costs if renting private channels. However, the connection quality is not guaranteed, with high latency and limited bandwidth. Instead, the DX connection bypasses the public Internet, directly connecting to the AWS cloud, ensuring higher security, faster speed, lower latency, and greater security than typical Internet connections.

Results after choosing Annalise.AI's DX transmission channel

  • Cost Improvement
  • Enhanced Application Connection Experience
  • Committed Quality of 99.99%
  • Reduced Latency, Stable Transmission
  • Relocating AWS Cloud Infrastructure from Australia to Singapore to enhance the user experience