PTSC selects CMC Telecom as a partner to implement AWS Cloud

Vietnam Petroleum Technical Services Corporation(PTSC) is, a key member of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group,(PetroVietnam - PVN). PTSC recognized the global trend of shifting to the Cloud due to its benefits such as optimizing operational costs and human resources, scalability according to demand, etc. PTSC decided to upgrade its data infrastructure by migrating to the Cloud. After a research period, Amazon Web Service (AWS) was chosen as the cloud platform by PTSC. According to research, AWS is currently the most popular and comprehensive cloud platform globally. This platform offers over 200 fully integrated services from data centers worldwide. PTSC's choice of AWS marks an important milestone in the company's digital transformation journey and highlights the benefits of cloud technology for the energy sector.

Meanwhile, migrating the entire infrastructure system is not a simple task. This requires costs and a team of experienced cloud personnel with robust security, management, and performance optimization knowledge. Therefore, PTSC needed a technology partner with experience in professional and reputable consultation and implementation to support the migration to AWS. CMC Telecom is recognized as an Advanced Tier Services partner of AWS and has extensive experience consulting, deploying, and managing cloud solutions for large enterprises. Their expertise and ability to rapidly respond to the specific requirements of PTSC have made CMC Telecom the honored choice as the deployment partner for this project.

PTSC- A Leading Comprehensive Solution Provider in the Energy Sector

Vietnam Petroleum Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) is among Vietnam's top technical service companies, specializing in the oil and gas industry's exploration, exploitation, operation, and maintenance of equipment and systems. Established in 1976 as part of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam), PTSC is headquartered in Vung Tau. The company offers professional technical services, including designing, installing, operating, and maintaining oil and gas exploration equipment. Additionally, PTSC provides drilling services, oil well completion, and logistical support to the oil and gas industry, including cargo ship services.

With a team of experienced and extensively trained personnel, PTSC is committed to delivering high-quality and efficient services, reinforced by numerous international certificates and awards for service quality and occupational safety in the oil and gas sector. PTSC continuously develops and expands its operations, contributing to the growth of the oil and gas industry in Vietnam and internationally.

Strategic Orientation in the Digital Transformation

The strategic direction of PTSC focuses on migrating its current technical system from a traditional model to a cloud-based technology platform. After careful consideration and evaluation, PTSC has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud platform to facilitate its system migration strategy, aiming to improve efficiency and reduce the need for staffing in system operations.

Current System Status: Inadequate for Expansion and Modern Technology

PTSC's current ERP system runs on a cluster of physical servers in on-premises infrastructure. The system, developed, built, maintained, and deployed by PTSC, comprises several key components, such as IIS web application virtual machines and virtual machine clusters for warehouse and project construction management. A dedicated data storage server is also responsible for storing detailed information on architectural designs and project documentation. Notably, the system includes two virtual machines dedicated to databases, playing a central role in data management and processing.

This ERP system serves as a platform for essential internal services and is a crucial tool for the corporation's daily operations, with about 1500 regular users daily. The stability and reliability of the system are critical, but PTSC also recognizes the need to expand and update the system to meet the growing needs of users and future business development.

Challenges Faced - Deteriorating IT Infrastructure

After years of operation and development, PTSC faces significant challenges in optimizing its IT infrastructure. This stems from the increasing complexity of the system and its long "age," making it challenging to implement the necessary adjustments to meet current and future business requirements. Another challenge is the impending expiration of Windows Server and MS SQL systems licenses, presenting PTSC with a considerable expense if they decide to renew. Given this situation, PTSC must seek alternative solutions that are cost-effective and align with the company’s long-term strategy and objectives, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

System Migration to the Cloud with AWS

After reviewing and assessing the system's current state, CMC Telecom implemented a Re-host and Re-platform strategy to migrate PTSC's approach to the cloud. This decision was made after thoroughly examining PTSC's system complexity, the need to minimize operational disruptions, and the desire to leverage AWS Native Services technology to improve performance and reliability.

CMC Telecom’s solution architects comprehensively assessed the current system and developed an appropriate solution, ensuring that all challenges were effectively addressed. Once agreed upon by PTSC, this plan led to the construction of new infrastructure on AWS and the seamless migration process for all applications. Throughout the transition process, CMC Telecom carried out thorough testing, assessment, and continuous adjustments to ensure the system's stable operation without any issues. Consequently, on schedule, the migration process was successful with minimal operational disruptions, achieving the goal for PTSC. This demonstrates the effectiveness and success of the cloud migration strategy.

Workload PTSC ERP on AWS

To achieve high performance and ensure optimal availability, PTSC's ERP system has fully leveraged AWS Native Services. This process has minimized the need to modify the system structure or application source code. CMC Telecom's solution architects effectively integrated multiple AWS services and implemented infrastructure deployment as code using Terraform and AWS Cloud Formation. As a result, PTSC significantly improved deployment time, reduced errors, and enhanced the ability to monitor the process from start to finish comprehensively.

CMC Telecom also utilized a range of AWS services to enhance the availability and security of PTSC's ERP system. These services include Application Load Balancer, AWS Auto Scaling, and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) with Multi-AZ, RDS Proxy, and AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Site to Site and AWS Direct Connect. This combination ensures a secure and continuous connection between the On-Premises environment and AWS, thereby enhancing the flexibility and reliability of the ERP system.

Using AWS DataSync, CMC Telecom migrated PTSC's existing data to S3 Storage and Amazon FSx through a secure VPN Site-to-site connection. The AWS DataSync Agent was configured at PTSC's infrastructure to optimize this process, facilitating smooth and efficient data transmission management.

PTSC's file data is stored on Amazon FSx for Windows File Server with Multi-AZ enabled to ensure high availability and stable performance. Amazon FSx stands out with its ability to automatically monitor and address hardware failures, replacing infrastructure components as needed. This not only enhances data availability but also ensures continuity during system maintenance.

PTSC's ERP System Enhanced with Increased Security

CMC Telecom has bolstered the security of PTSC's ERP system by implementing a Web Application Firewall and AWS Shield, which help manage traffic and prevent DDoS attacks. The system is also protected by multi-layer authentication and data encryption, using AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and AWS Systems Manager to handle sensitive data and encryption. These measures ensure that sensitive data is categorized, controlled, and protected securely and effectively.

CMC Telecom utilized AWS Backup for automated system backups to guarantee that PTSC's data is always secure and ready for recovery. PTSC can rely on this service for quick and efficient data/version recovery in case of unexpected incidents.

CMC Telecom has designed and deployed a synchronized, centralized monitoring and notification system to ensure continuous and stable operation of the ERP system. This system allows for easy process, close monitoring, and early-stage issue resolution, helping to prevent and minimize risks and optimize response time.

CMC Telecom, committed to providing advanced infrastructure solutions, has successfully supported PTSC in migrating its ERP system to the AWS environment. This collaboration has satisfied the PTSC team, marking an essential step in improving and modernizing their IT infrastructure.

Migrating to AWS Cloud was the correct decision for PTSC.

The result of migrating PTSC's system to AWS has been very impressive. The system was successfully migrated to AWS and completed ahead of the scheduled plan, with stable operations and no downtime compared to the previous on-premises environment. Another highlight of the post-migration system is its efficient handling of high traffic volumes, meeting the continuous usage demands of users. In terms of security, the new system has met all of PTSC's information security standards and requirements, proving its effectiveness and safety during the migration and operational process.