Webinar đã tạo cảm hứng, mở ra cánh cửa số cho doanh nghiệp tham gia

The webinar has attracted significant attention from many businesses due to the presence of two "Cloud Gurus" – experts in the field of cloud computing from AWS and CMC Telecom, namely Mr. Trung Đặng and Mr. Đức Trần. These two speakers directly shared practical knowledge and experiences in deploying and optimizing customers' Kubernetes systems when utilizing Amazon EKS.

Businesses highly appreciate the information received during this webinar. Additionally, companies attending the event have expressed their desire and hope for AWS and CMC Telecom to continue organizing more knowledge-sharing seminars related to AWS Cloud.

Mr. Trung Đặng – an expert from AWS shares experiences and considerations when upgrading Amazon EKS Cluster

Mr. Đức Trần – an expert from CMC Telecom introduces tools and strategies to optimize costs when using Amazon EKS on AWS.

Gaining access to a wealth of valuable knowledge about EKS Cluster 

By participating in this webinar, businesses not only learned how to deploy and upgrade EKS Cluster at the right time but also had the opportunity to explore in-depth information on optimizing costs while ensuring application performance when deployed on Amazon EKS.

Furthermore, businesses highly appreciated the program as the experts provided prompt responses to all questions from participating enterprises, delivering convincing and satisfactory solutions.

Particularly, the hands-on session with the theme "Optimizing Kubernetes Autoscaling with Karpenter and controlling Kubernetes usage costs with Kubecost" received many positive feedbacks. Participants not only reinforced their knowledge but also applied the newly acquired insights from leading experts immediately. During the practical exercises, businesses received guidance and instructions from experienced "Cloud Gurus."

Participating in this practical session enabled businesses not only to master the knowledge but also to become pioneers in applying and maximizing the benefits of Amazon EKS.

Supporting business with Amazon EKS

The CMC Telecom stated that this webinar was organized with the aim of addressing the challenges that businesses face in effectively applying and leveraging Kubernetes (K8s) through Amazon EKS. Given the complexities in deploying, operating, and managing K8s, CMC Telecom recognized that businesses need comprehensive support and solutions to access and fully exploit this technology.

Moreover, the program helped businesses realize the importance of having an experienced team and in-depth support from service providers like CMC Telecom to efficiently implement and manage the components within K8s.

By combining technological expertise and practical experience from AWS and CMC Telecom, the program delivered a valuable event, providing sufficient knowledge for businesses to effectively utilize Amazon EKS.

Phần giới thiệu về chiến lược tối ưu chi phí EKS của anh Đức Trần từ CMC Telecom

Currently, CMC Telecom is a high-level service partner of AWS in Vietnam. Therefore, businesses can rest assured about the consulting capabilities and deployment expertise of the CMC Telecom expert team on the AWS Cloud, especially for projects utilizing Amazon EKS Cluster.

Check our webinar "Meet the Cloud" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0inoxCXXVQU