The event "Smart Manufacturing – Unlocking Potential with AWS & SAP" aims to connect stakeholders and experts in the manufacturing sector, featuring speakers who are experts and leaders from CMC, AWS, and SAP. The speakers, alongside businesses, will share perspectives on the Vietnam and global markets, success stories of digital transformation, and demonstrate how digital transformation can drive innovation, optimize production processes, and open up new potentials in the manufacturing industry.

According to the announcement from S&P Global Market Intelligence's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) report, the Vietnamese manufacturing industry faced three declining issues in May 2023: a significant decrease in production and new order quantities, a decrease in input costs for the first time in three years, and a reduction in employment and purchasing activities.

Andrew Harker, the Director of Economics at S&P Global Market Intelligence, commented on the survey results: "The sharp drop in new orders in May raises concerns that Vietnam's manufacturing sector may be experiencing an extended period of decline rather than just a temporary downturn."

Experts suggest that, in the current challenging situation, manufacturing businesses need to make efforts to excel and quickly adopt distinctive operational strategies.

During the 2023 Economic Forum: "Riding the Waves" with Businesses, representatives from the Enterprise Management Department of the Ministry of Information and Communications shared that 94% of surveyed businesses believe that digital technology is an indispensable solution, with only 6% thinking that digital technology should be cut during crises.

According to the Business Forum magazine, 71% of the Vietnamese population uses the internet, and on average, each internet user will use nine digital services, almost double the pre-pandemic figure. Digital services such as e-commerce, online shopping, ride-hailing, and food delivery are widely used, whereas people previously only used communication services such as messaging, calling, and accessing the internet for social networking.

CMC Telecom stated that, during the process of advising digital transformation for businesses, CMC and SAP have received many inquiries from manufacturing, retail, logistics, and trade enterprises regarding their digital transformation plans.

"The micro and macro issues are significant barriers that require collaborative efforts to accelerate the pace of digital transformation for manufacturing businesses in general and various industries in particular, promoting the effective shift to the digital economy," said a representative from CMC.

According to the organizers, this seminar aims to provide businesses with information about the benefits of digital transformation solutions such as ERP, helping businesses consider how to accelerate digital transformation, the common basic roadmap for implementing ERP, and more.

In addition, the event also provides an opportunity for businesses to equip and upgrade themselves with AWS cloud technology – the leading cloud platform globally. Through this, businesses can shape new directions and business strategies for themselves in the coming time, aiming to enhance competitiveness in the market and maintain or recover the pace of business development.

"The event will bring together leaders from many large businesses in the manufacturing and business sector, top experts from AWS, SAP, and CMC. It is an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, share ideas and experiences, create new collaboration opportunities, and build relationships in the technology industry," emphasized a representative from CMC Telecom.